Friday, August 5, 2011

The End Of A Chapter!!

As I sit here and think about what I would like to type all I can say is Colton and I will be starting our own blog! This is a sad decision for me and I almost feel as though it was forced when Josh decided our family was not what he wanted! So here we go embarking on a new adventure! Cheers!! Stay tuned, it is about to get good!!! We love you all!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Do You Skype?

We do!  This has become a favorite in our home and the homes of other friends' and family members.  This is a picture Kelli took while Skyping Friday night.  Ignore Bob.  He's weird.  This is the second time Colton has fallen asleep while Skyping with cousins.  Hmmm....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's Been Long Enough

Hi it's Kelli! I've hacked into Kimberly's blog (with her permission) because it desperately needs to be updated. I love this stuff so volunteered. Please be patient as the transformation takes place.

Until then here is a sneak preview of the cuteness you'll be experiencing soon enough...
Sorry it's blurry.  It was taken with Kimberly's phone.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Latest Happenings!!!

Josh, Colton and I got back yesterday from visiting Josh's grandma in Albequerque, NM!! We had such a great time just visiting, relaxing, eating, eating and eating!!! Josh's grandma is an amazing cook!!! She certainly made sure we were never hungry! Josh's parents came to CO last Friday because their niece was getting married!!! We went up to the mountains on Saturday for a bbq at my bro. in-laws house!! So peaceful up there! Sunday we went to this amazing golf course near the foothills for the wedding! Colton was the life of the party with his little outfit!!! He was mighty dapper showing off his little bowtie! I have a lot of pictures that I need to upload (next post)

Josh has finished school and I could not be more proud of him!! This is his last week at Fed Ex and then on to new adventures!! He starts his new job on Sept. 7th at Openhiemer Funds where he will be dealing with mutual funds, retirement, etc....! He is so excited!! Way to go Josh!!!

Hailey started 3rd grade a couple of weeks ago and is loving it!! She is such a little book worm!!!

Colton is doing good! Battling a little cold but is still remaining happy!! He has begun to sleep through the night only waking once!!! Such a happy moment!!! He will be 7 months next Wednesday and is getting bigger and bigger by the minute!! He loves to eat and try new things!!

I am keeping busy with different things!!! Colton keeps me pretty occupied!!! I will be posting pictures soon!! Promise!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Big Time Slacker!!!!

Pick all your jaws up off the floor, yes I have finally decided to do a blog post!!! We have been so busy around here lately and this is one of the farthest things from my mind!!! Where do I begin!! Colton and I took a trip down to Arizona the beginning of the month to visit with my family!! We were able to have him blessed down there so that all of my family could be there!! It was very special!! Grandpa Bair did a great job!! Colton looked so handsome for his big day!! He is getting so big!! He has his 4 month checkup on Friday!! I wonder how much he will weigh!!! 2 months he was 1 ounce shy of 13lbs!!! WOW!!! Colton loves to eat!!!! We have started him on some veggies and he loves to literally slurp them down.... Not spilling one single drop! He is one of the happiest babies I have ever been in contact with!! I am not just saying that because he is mine.... I would be very honest... For instance, he decided it would be appropriate to wake up every hour on the hour last night!! I will tell you it was such a special treat!!! It was really special trying to keep going at work today!!! Oh I was dragging!!

Hailey is doing really well!! She is so excited that she gets to be in 3rd grade!!! I cannot believe it!! She is such a smart little girl and loves to learn anything and everything!! She is such a big help when it comes to Colton!!! She loves to hold him and make him laugh!! He loves his big sister!!

Josh is doing great!! He has a couple more classes to finish and then he will be an official college graduate!!! We are so proud of him!! This has been quite the journey but he has managed to get through it!! YEAH!!! Congrats!!!!

As for myself, I am doing fantastic!!! Just taking in day by day all that life wants to throw at me!! Good, bad, ugly, funny, interesting, etc......!!! I am enjoying our little family, we truly are blessed!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

60 Years and Going Strong!!!

Congratulations Nana and Grandpa on 60 amazing years!!! What a legacy the two of you have!!! I am so grateful for our family, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc....!!! I have the two of you to thank! Thank you for being such an incredible example for our family!! We love you so very much!!

3 Months Old!!!

My heart smiles!!! We are so blessed to have Colton in our home! I feel incredibly lucky to have such a sweet little guy!!! I cannot believe he is already 3 months!! It really has not gone by that fast for me, however, looking back yes it has!! I cherish every precious moment I get to have with him!!! I love cuddling next to him and taking a nap!! He can melts my heart continually! I cannot wait to go to AZ tomorrow so that I can share him with the rest of the family!!!